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The amount of packaging used and disposed in the environment is very big. This consists largely of plastics. Since the degradation of plastics is very slow, it accumulates in the environment. So it becomes a threat for the health of humans and animals. Sustainable packaging is packaging whose ecological footprint decreases over time. It is a good alternative for oil-based plastics.

Sustainable, or bio packaging has several aspects:

  • Use of renewable or recycled bio based raw materials,
  • Clever production with the shortest possible supply chain and a low carbon footprint,
  • Reuse of packaging in a closed-loop recycling system and thus extending its life cycle.

This module gives an overview of bio plastics with the focus on two examples: Corn and Tomato. It shows how the ingredients can be cultivated (production) and  how the products can be made (processing).


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This module shows examples from bio packaging as an alternative for plastics. It gives an overview of some BBE-processes to make packaging materials and related products from bio mass and bio waste



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