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Information Algae


The world has to find solutions for some big problems:

  • How to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere, to reduce the greenhouse effect
  • How to feed more as 10 billion people on this world

Algea, as rather simple organisms, can be a solution for these hugh problems.

Target Groups

Main target groups are VET teachers and trainers in further training in adult education. It is also made for trainees in algae producing and/or processing companies.


This moduel shows the production and further processing of algae. It
starts with an overview of techniques as being used in production plants. It
gives information about types of algea and their living conditions. In the next
part, you can learn about the processing of algea into special products.


With this module, students and trainees realize the following learning

  • He knows the most important algae
  • He knows the equipment for growing algae
  • He knows the growing conditions
  • He knows how to process algae to isolate valuable products, such as biofuel and pharmaceutical products.
  • He knows about the complete production chain up to the consumer

The moduel also contains a wiki, where you can find extra learning material, also from partner countries and a blog where teachers, trainers and trainees can exchange their experiences and suggestions.

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