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The bio-economy is based on nature’s recycling principle and regards the change to a recycling economy as an essential model. (BMBF and BMEL Bio economy in Germany: Opportunities for a bio-based and sustainable future. 2014).

This module offers the trainee an on-line course with the basic principles how to set up a company. Focus is on the business plan, including a marketing plan.

Target Groups

This on-line course is for teachers in VET-schools, trainers for further education and for adults who want to become a BBE entrepreneur.


In this on-line course it is about competences and skills which are important for a starting BBE entrepreneur. See also the overview of personal and entrepreneurial skills. In general, the course will help the new or changing entrepreneur to develop a business plan.

In detail:

  • He knows differences between the old and the new economy,
  • He can set up a business plan,
  • He understands the meaning of vision and mission, and knows how to formulate it,
  • He understands what the difference is between a goal and an objective and he can formulate them for his own enterprise,
  • He can make a strategy for his company,
  • He can develop his operational tactics,
  • He can make an analysis of his resources, both financial and raw materials.
  • He can make an HR-plan

The module also contains a wiki, where you can find extra learning material, also from partner countries and quizzes to practise of the competences.

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