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Information Bio-packaging


This module shows examples from bio packaging as an alternative for plastics. It gives an overview of some BBE-processes to make packaging materials and related products from bio mass and bio waste.

Focus is on the cultivation and use of rice and tomato plants.

Target Groups

Main target groups are VET teachers and trainers in further training in adult education. VET students also can use it individually. It is also made for trainees in bio packaging producing and/or processing companies.


This module has three parts:

  • Overview of bio packaging
  • Growing raw materials:
    • Rice
    • Tomatoes
  • Processing packaging materials and related products.

Examples of BBE based processes:

  • Packaging material from elephant grass
  • Poly Lactic Acid for package material
  • Packaging for coffee, made out of cellulose and sugarcane residues
  • Packaging material and fibers from tomato plants
  • Beer glasses on festivals, made from Corn
  • Drinking straws from pasta (durum wheat)

The trainee learns the following:

  • He knows the most important alternatives for traditional plastics
  • He knows the processes
  • He knows the economic aspects of bio packages

This module also contains a wiki where you can find extra learning material, also from partner countries.

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