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Information Tomato plants


This module explains the general characteristics of the bio-based economy and the differences with the old (oil-based) economy. The tomato plant acts as a model in this module. Everybody knows the tomato as food, but it is much more. It aims to create more understanding about BBE and it shows that normal products and materials which were considered as waste, can be transferred into useful products.

Target Groups

This module can be used by teachers in VET, students in VET, but also by students in High schools.


This module starts with a general introduction in BBE. Then the tomato plant is described as much more than a source for food. It also produces an anti-oxidant (lycopene) a natural insecticide (tomatine) and fibers for packaging and clothes.

After completion this module, the student has reached the following learning outcomes.

  • He knows the differences between the old and the new economy
  • He understands the value of a tomato plant in BBE
  • He knows the pyramid of added value
  • He has done some simple experiments to isolate the different materials from the tomato plant.


The module also contains a wiki, with extra learning material from partner countries and a forum, where teachers and trainers can exchange experiences and add more equivalent examples.

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