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Bio economy is the production of renewable biological resources and their transformation into food and feed, bio-based products and bioenergy. It thus encompasses numerous sectors, such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries, the food industry, the wood and paper industry, but also parts of the chemical, textile and energy industries as well as services in the fields of logistics and environmental technologies. This is what the European Commission for Communication on Innovating for Sustainable Growth says in: “A Bio economy for Europe”

This module offers the trainee/starting entrepreneur an on-line course with the basic principles how to set up a company in the BBE. Focus is on the business plan, including a marketing plan.


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The bio-economy is based on nature’s recycling principle and regards the change to a recycling economy as an essential model. (BMBF and BMEL Bio economy in Germany: Opportunities for a bio-based and sustainable future. 2014)



Here you can find the most relevant competences, divided into personal, transversal and technical competences.



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Here you find the learning materials. It includes the material itself, the way to use it and the material you may need.



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